Export of Salary Basis

This is an option for the Time recording module which makes it possible to export salary bases from MONITOR to your payroll program. It is the personnel’s recording items (attendance, absence, and overtime) that are exported.

Supported payroll programs

Plugins are included for different payroll programs. Three are currently plugins for Visma Lön, Bluegarden (Denmark), Huldt & Lillevik (Norway), PAXml, Agda, HogiaLön Plus, Hogia Lön, and V10 (Finland).

How does Export of Salary Basis work?

The actual export takes place in the Export salary basis procedure, where you can select the personnel for whom want to export salary basis. You’ll also enter a time interval and configure export settings.

In connection with the export, you can choose to lock the relevant recording records for adjustment. This ensures you can prevent other users from adjusting a recording item after the salary basis has been exported.

You can also lock and unlock recording records in the Lock/unlock attendance recording items procedure. In this procedure you can select the personnel and time interval for which you want to lock/unlock recording records.

In the Basic data – Attendance procedure there are settings for salary types which determine how each respective salary type will be handled during export. In this procedure you can also create an export setting for the plugin for the payroll program that you use.

The salary basis is exported either to a text file or an XML file. This is determined by the plugin that you use for the payroll program.

For further information please contact the Sales department at sales@monitor.se.