Reverse voucher via accrual accounting

This is a step-by-step description for reversing a voucher via accrual accounting. This function is used if you have a voucher (for example in the AFS) which should be reversed in another accounting period.

  1. Load the voucher you want to reverse in a different period.
  2. Click Save as on the toolbar of the procedure.
  3. Select the option Reverse via accrual accounting as type.
  4. Select on which date the reversal should take place (by default this is the first day of the subsequent period, but this can be changed).
  5. Click OK in the window.
  6. Finish by clicking Save on the toolbar.

In the background an accrual accounting item has now been created which will reverse the voucher via the procedure Release accrual accounting. It will be reversed in the period you selected.