Outgoing payments

In this procedure you can register outgoing payments in the accounts payable ledger and confirm payments. By registering outgoing payments, the concerned invoices get status paid or partially paid in the accounts payable ledger. Postings are also updated in the accounting. In the Bank settings procedure, you configure several settings regarding outgoing payments that are registered in this procedure, for example settings for different payment methods and write-off codes.

Payment suggestion

You can register outgoing payments in different ways in this procedure. One way is to order for payment directly via the Payment suggestion list, where the selected supplier invoices are directly transferred to a payment file that will be sent to the bank. Or you can transfer the selected invoices in the list to the transaction list to be approved/printed in the Print transaction list procedure. If you approve the invoices in the transaction list, they will be transferred to the payment file. Another way to register outgoing payments is to first transfer the selected invoices from the Payment suggestion list to the Pay via file (order) tab or to add them one at a time to that tab, and from there transfer them to a payment file. These methods mentioned apply for outgoing payments where electronic payment method is used. You can also register outgoing payments for supplier invoices where manual payment method is used in the Payment suggestion list. Then you start by selecting the invoices and transferring them to the Pay manually tab or you can add them one at a time to that tab.


In this procedure you can also confirm paid supplier invoices (that have already been sent in a payment file to the bank and that the bank has confirmed as paid). The confirmation must be performed in order to update the status of the invoices as paid in the system. The confirmation is made in a list for the invoices that have been paid. In order to confirm outgoing payments, select the Confirmation list type.

You can perform confirmation via file. The purpose of this function is to use a file to confirm the payments that have been carried out by the bank. To load payments via file is a much faster and easier way to confirm payments than to manually confirm payments that you have registered with the bank.

Cancel outgoing payments

You can also cancel or undo payments that have been made. You may need to cancel payments, if you for example, by mistake ordered invoices to be paid. Such adjustments should only be made before the payment file is sent to the bank. You can cancel individual payments as well as entire outgoing payment journals, transaction lists etc. In order to cancel outgoing payments, select the Cancel outgoing payments list.

Outgoing payments as on account

You can also register outgoing payments as on account payments in the procedure. They can be outgoing payments of e.g. advance payments or excess payments (overpayment) for which there are no invoices in the accounts payable ledger. An outgoing payment like that creates a new accounts payable entry of type "On account" and will then exist as a balance in your favor in the accounts payable ledger. You add on account payments under the Pay manually tab by leaving the field Consecutive number empty.

There are also two system settings that affect outgoing payments: Default exchange rate for outgoing payments and Method for calculating payment date.