Print transaction list

In this procedure you can print transaction lists for outgoing payments that are sent electronically to the bank in a file. These files are created when you approve the transaction lists. You approve the list either via printout or via the button Approve .

The transaction list is a form of receipt of which payments that have been sent to the bank. It specifies the invoices that are included and when these should be paid, etc. Each transaction list is numbered. This provides an identity to the payment files that becomes created. These numbers are not displayed on the transaction list, but is saved in the system when you created the list/file.

Print transactions from Outgoing payments

You only need to use this procedure if payment files should be created via printouts of transaction lists. In the Outgoing payments procedure you can create payment files without printing transaction lists. The number of the transaction list is saved regardless of which method that is used.

Normally, this is not a procedure which you open manually to work in. It is more common that it is opened automatically from the Outgoing payments procedure when you choose to print transaction lists. However, if you for example want to reprint a list or change the status of a payment file to the previous status, this is the procedure you need to go to.

New records are added to this procedure when electronic payments are executed in the Outgoing payments procedure. When the transaction list has been approved and a file has been created with a successful result, then the records will be removed from the procedure. However, they can be reprinted.

Change status to resend

By using the list type Change status to resend, you can change the status back to a previous status on one or several payments that are included in a transaction list. This means that the payments will be put back in the transaction list in order to be possible to send again.

You must select a valid payment method in the selection in order to be able to load the list.