Has a specific manufacturing order been started? Are any of our suppliers delayed with their deliveries? What was the value of WIP on the last day of the previous month?

What is the Agent?

The Agent can be used to:

  • Create agent tasks of different reports.
  • Create monitoring tasks of events based on terms, and quickly inform the affected users about events.

Reports that have been run automatically in an agent task can be exported and sent via e-mail or printed automatically. When a monitoring task is completed, this information can be sent via e-mail, or as notifications directly in MONITOR to the affected users.

Agent tasks

By using Agent tasks, you can automatically run reports at scheduled times. Reports in MONITOR can be used to calculate and save data.

This can all be performed automatically. Agent tasks can be based on default values and clipboard records. You can also copy records to clipboard to be used in subsequent agent tasks, for example.

Scheduling of agent tasks is carried out directly in the procedure. This is where you’ll enter the times and intervals for the agent task to run. Reports can be exported in Excel or PDF format. They can be sent via e-mail or be printed. You can select the language of the report and choose to whom it should be sent.

Examples of areas of automatization:

  • To see if there are any quotes that have expired (exceeded their validity period) or to find out about delayed deliveries. The agent task presents this data without you having to play an active role in gathering the information.
  • To calculate and update the annual volume, order quantity, ABC codes, etc. The agent tasks make it possible to regularly update your basic data.
  • Periodic information, such as creating a stock value list or a WIP value. With agent tasks you don't have to monitor the period changes.
  • Perform calculations that are resource-demanding and time-consuming, such as Pre calculation. The Agent task enables you to perform these runs during periods when there is less of a strain on the system, e.g. during the night.

Monitoring tasks

By using Monitoring tasks you can check whether an event has taken place (or not) and quickly notify the affected users of the situation.

In the Monitoring tasks, you can create different monitoring tasks, enter terms, and enter text to be shown in the message. This text may consist of different variables that show different values linked to the term.

You can enter a start and end time for the monitoring task or set the task as active until further notice. You can also specify for the task to be deactivated when specific terms are fulfilled.

Using monitoring tasks enables you to monitor, for example: when a certain order has been arrival reported, zero balance on part (if, for example, a part is replaced by another when it has been consumed), reporting of nonconformity activities, and when a specific operation on a manufacturing order has been fully reported, or started.

When an event has taken place, there are a number of ways to notify the affected users. You can choose to inform via:

  • E-mail – the information will be sent to the specified e-mail address.
  • Notification – the information will be sent to the recipient as a notification in the Message center in MONITOR.

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