Customized Reports

This option is used to create custom reports in MONITOR. These reports can be designed according to your needs.

What is a Customized Report?

A customized report can best be described as a custom-made list procedure with a customized design in the form of an SQL query, with its very own selection terms, settings, and layout.

Once you have installed the option in MONITOR, you can access the Customized reports procedure in the General registers module. The customized reports can be created here. In this procedure you can also select where in the MONITOR module menu the report should be placed as well as to which users the report should be available.

Monitor ERP System AB creates customized reports according to your specifications. You can then use this procedure to install and place the report in the module menu as well as configure access rights to the report.

If you want to create customized reports yourself, you must:

  • Have knowledge about names of MONITOR's database tables and columns.
  • Know how to write SQL queries.
  • Have knowledge about the DevExpress Report Designer design tool (when a free-format layout is created for the report).

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