What is Intrastat?

The EU has developed a statistics system designed to gather data directly from companies relating to the import and export of products between member states. This system is called Intrastat, and has been in operation since January 1, 1993. The Intrastat system is based on fundamental EU rules in effect in all nations, however, it is applied in practice somewhat differently between the member states. In Sweden, it is Statistics Sweden (Statistiska centralbyrån, SCB) that is responsible for the full Intrastat survey. .

What data must be reported?

The company filing the report, the period to which the report applies, and whether it relates to import or export. The goods data to be reported is as follows:

  • The sending and receiving member state
  • Transaction type
  • CN code (statistical commodity code)
  • Net weight *
  • Other quantity *
  • Invoiced value

* Depending on commodity code

The data must be reported in aggregated form, that is, summarized by CN code, Country, and Transaction type.

Trade in services that does not involve delivery of goods does not have to be reported to Intrastat. Trade in which the company is an intermediary in three-party trading does not have to be reported to Intrastat.

What value must be reported?

The value to be reported is the invoiced value in the local currency, which corresponds to the figure filed in the VAT report for the sale/purchase of goods from the EU (VAT rows 20 and 35 in Sweden). The freight charge does not have to be entered; the cost of packaging does.

Returned goods and replacements must be reported to Intrastat (with a separate transaction type). If the replacement is delivered free-of-charge (zero invoice), the normal sale or purchase price (the market value), must be reported.

Export of goods for subcontract work (wage processing) must be reported to Intrastat (with a separate transaction type). For export, the value of the goods at the time of export is reported. Re-imports following subcontract work are reported as imports in Intrastat (with a separate transaction type). The value of the goods at the point of import and the value of the subcontract work performed are entered here. If the goods are not to be re-imported after subcontract work, only the export is reported (as a normal transaction). The figure below illustrates import and export of subcontract work (wage processing).

Intrastat and VAT declaration

In some cases, more data is reported to the Intrastat report than is filed in the VAT declaration boxes for EU sales/purchase:

  • Goods delivery before or after wage processing
  • Products supplied without invoice (or zero invoice)
  • Products bought from/sold to a private customer

Requirements for Intrastat reporting in MONITOR

To include records in the Intrastat report, the following basic requirements apply:

  • The country in which the delivery address is located must be in the EU
  • The part must have a CN code entered in the Part register